Day 2, Just Rest Relax and Looking Around Dieng Plateau

16 November 2012, tak banyak yang saya lakukan hari ini. hanya istirahat di hotel dan menikmati sejuknya udara pegunungan di Dieng Plateau. mengamati kegiatan penduduk sekitar dan mengambil gambar tentunya.

namun langit dieng tidak begitu bagus dikarenakan awan mendung dan hanya sebentar saja cerah. mungkin pada musim panas hasil foto akan lebih baik.

16 November 2012. its a leisure, just rest and relax at the hotel, enjoying the fresh air. don’t forget to observe the activities of local people here. and of course taking the picture especially.

but unfortunately, at this time is a rainy season, the dieng firmament are cloudy and its difficult  to get the blue sky at this time. the photos are less good. however, Dieng still beautifull for me.

For Your Info about Dieng Plateu, Dieng is a marshy plateau that forms the floor of a caldera complex on theDieng Volcanic Complex near Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. Referred to as “Dieng” by Indonesians, it sits at 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) above sea level, 

The Plateau is the location eight small Hindu temples. Built around 750 BC, they are the oldest known standing stone structures in Java. They are originally thought to have numbered 400 but only eight remain.

Dieng’s misty location almost 2,093 m above sea level, its poisonous effusions and sulphur-coloured lakes make it a particularly auspicious place for religious tribute. The temples are small shrines built as monuments to the god-ancestors and dedicated to Shiva. The Hindu shrines are miniature cosmic mountains based on plans in Indian religious texts, although the design motifs have little connection to India.  The earliest architectural usage of the Javanese demonic masks and marine monsters are exhibited along the niches and doorways of the remaining structures. The Dieng structures were small and relatively plain, but stone architecture developed substantially in only a matter of decades resulting in masterpieces such as the Prambanan complex and Borobudur



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